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Swindon Football Golf

We're bigger than ever!

Our course has grown so you can now play 12 or 24 holes!

If you enjoy football and being in the great outdoors, then we know you'll love our Football Golf Course. Set next to our existing 9-hole facility, we've designed this new course to encourage everyone to get into golf and practice your football skills at the same.

How Football Golf works

So, how do you play Football Golf? It really couldn't be easier!

The object of the game is to kick the football into a large hole on the green in the fewest possible shots, using only your feet. It's a simple idea, but mastering the game can take time (and patience!). Can you avoid the targets and stay out of the bunkers to par the hole?

The game is played in groups of up to four people. Start by kicking the football from the tee box and then take it in turns to get the football into the special sized holes. Don't forget to fill in your scorecard on the way round and whoever has the lowest score after wins! We have three different sized balls to suit all ages, just to keep things fair! (You can also bring you own if you prefer.)

Why Not Give it a try?

You don't need to be a great footballer or an expert golfer to enjoy a round - you just need to be ready to have some fun! Football golf is a great game for you to enjoy with friends and family; plus it's lots of fun for children's parties, after school groups, and away days for sports groups.

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Football Golf - prices valid 30th October - 25th March 2018
12 holes
Ball Hire £1.00
16 years and over
Children (under 16), Students & Concessions
with valid ID
Family of 4
2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children
Group of 4£27.00
24 holes
Ball Hire £1.00
16 years and over
Children (under 16), Students & Concessions
with valid ID
Family of 4
2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children
Group of 4£45.00

Please be aware that lost or damaged footballs will be charged for at £6.75 per ball.

Birthday Parties

Parties include everything you need, including: prizes, and food. We're able to host team building or corporate events too! For more details see our parties & groups page:

parties & events page.

Rules & Etiquette

  • All fees to be paid at reception BEFORE play commences
  • Strictly NO FOOTBALL BOOTS are allowed. Only AstroTurf's or Trainers please
  • A maximum of 4 players per group - no sharing of balls
  • Please avoid slow play - always aim to keep up with the group ahead. If you find you are holding up the group behind please let them play through.
  • Wait until the green has cleared before kicking your approach shot.


  • Football Golf is played at your own risk
  • ALL areas of the 9 holes golf course are OUT OF BOUNDS
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children at ALL times
  • Please be aware of deep water signs
  • Please be considerate of other groups on the course and on the golf course
  • Have loads of fun and competitive banter, BUT remember we are a family venue and would appreciate clean, friendly language only! Thank you.